Montalto Pennon Hill 2016 Late Harvest Pinot Gris 375 ml


With aromas of rose petals and freshly crushed grapes together with flavours of turkish delight and strawberries, this is a lovely light dessert wine or perfect with fruit and cheeses. It has a refreshing spritz that pleases the palate.


Montalto Pennon Hill Late Harvest Pinot Gris 375ml

The name Pennon Hill comes from the south facing slope on Montalto’s home vineyard in Red Hill South. Montalto aim for bright, fresh wines with juicy, textured fruit flavours.

Pinot Gris fruit for this wine was left to ripen on the vine for an additional six weeks, allowing the fruit to slowly dehydrate and the sugar and flavours to concentrate. The wine has a luscious palate with intense flavours of apricot, orange peel and almond meal. The perfect compliment to a cheese platter.

A versatile wine, perfect as a chilled aperitif or with light desserts, fruit and cheeses.

12.1% alcohol / volume.